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Advanced Open Water diver  $199.00 

Includes :


  • all of your materials and class time
  • rental gear with tanks and weights!!  
  • This is 5 adventure dives with a PADI Instructor.

This gives you more experience and creates a bit more comfort in the water.

We want you to go on phoenix scuba scuba diving trips with us!

Phoenix Scuba Scuba Diving classes 

call to schedule

 Intro to scuba course  $59.00 lasts approx 2hrs

  • Learn to assemble your gear
  • equalize during descents and ascents
  • neutral buoyancy

Open water Diver class & POOL DIVES     $149.00 

 The course price includes :

  • Two classroom sessions

  • Two pool sessions (extra pool time with an Instructor is available if necessary) Our pool is on-site at our dive shop   also heated/indoor

  • Rental gear -Tanks and Weights, wetsuit, BCD, Regulator 
  • Scuba Instructor Fees
  • Class materials  Books, student record file,  ERDPml (dive table calculator)

Weeknight class and early morning class times also available. Lake dives for certification are not included in class price

 Student must  provide or purchase their own personal gear (mask/fins/snorkel/boots) 

LAKE CERTIFICATION DIVES (4 dives over 2 days)  $150.00  not included in the class price

​Includes rental gear, Instructor fees, log book, scuba certification card from the training agency

You are at the lake approx 4 hours each day

Rescue Diver course   $275.00  


  • Your book & materials    
  • Classroom time
  • Pool time and fun and games in the open water too!
  • All rental gear, tanks and weights in included.
  • As an added bonus we include the Emergency First Response Course to teach you CPR and AED use.  

All classes are non refundable. Please make sure you are ready to learn prior to purchase. Please call the dive shop to schedule your class this is your responsibility .

If you do not call and reschedule and you do not attend you forfeit your course fees paid.