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Did you know your scuba certification never expires?
Phoenix Scuba Diver's Testimonials:
Hear what some of our NEW divers think of diving with Phoenix Scuba!

"Getting Scuba Certified was one of the best decisions of my life. It is my new favorite hobby and something I will enjoy doing forever. It is truly a unique experience unlike anything else."

-Jill, Phoenix, AZ

"IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! I was nervous before I started the classes, but you Kelley and Steve made it so easy and the personal attention in the pool was amazing."
-Tim, Mesa, AZ


We understand that everyone wants to go look at the beauty underwater scuba diving, but it is important not to get ahead of yourself. Scuba diving is something that take time to properly learn the techniques and information necessary for many years of safe diving.

We offer flexibility in your training schedule. We know that everyone's schedules are packed and your time is important. Let us create a personalized schedule so you can complete your class and certification dives with ease. 

If you choose, you can do your PADI Open Water class and pool training here in a weekend and then finish up at some wonderful destination. This is called our referral program and it's our way of making sure you make the most of your vacation and are ready or nearly ready to take a diving adventure as soon as practicably possible.  YOU can decide after your class and pool training and go on to complete the full PADI Open Water certification program here in Arizona at Lake Pleasant or on one of our group dive trips. 

We offer a variety of classes, from "Beginner" to "Experienced Diver," that are built to help people like you who have an interest in diving, learn how to scuba dive safely and effectively. Safety is our first priority, of course, but beyond that, our PADI instructors strive to make sure you are really understand scuba diving, so that you can truly enjoy your experience. Our focus is on individualized service and care for you the student.

Learn here, dive there, is so you can spend your time effectively on vacation diving from the minute you step off the plane. That firsthand experience of The Blue Hole in Belize could be a lot closer than you think.

Choosing the right scuba instructor team is a very important decision. 
We are a positive, fun group of PADI Instructors 
We utilize PADI's entire system of education. 

We are excited about diving and we want to share that love for our ocean with you!!

Leave the teaching to us!

Phoenix Scuba

4139 West Bell Rd #17

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